We use Infrared Imaging to aid in finding hidden deficiencies in a homes thermal and pressure boundaries as well as detecting moisture intrusion.
We use Infrared Imaging to aid in finding hidden deficiencies in a homes thermal and pressure boundaries as well as detecting moisture intrusion.
Borescopes are used to look under, in, and around areas we can't get to.
The Blower door is used for testing a home for air infiltration by depressurizing the home (at a safe level) and identifying leaks in the pressure boundary and deficiencies in the thermal boundary.
Duct testing is used in conjunction with the blower door testing to determine duct leakage.
The Tiff 8800 is a gas detection device used to detect gas leaks in piping, at fittings and components on gas appliances.
A pressure pan is used during blower door testing for air infiltration to isolate leaks and determine the extent.
A Manometer is used for zone testing during a blower door test to determine larger deficient areas.  It is also used to run the blower door and calculate the information from the blower.
A GFCI tester is used on all accessible outlets to determine if it wired correctly and tests GFCI outlets for functionality.
Used in conjunction with a Blower Door, a Smoke Stick is used for site specific identification of air infiltration.
A non-invasive moisture is used to detect moisture on surfaces.
A Combustion Appliance Analyzer is used during energy efficiency testing to determine the functionality and safety of gas combustion equipment.
An infrared thermometer is used to test temperatures of surfaces to test temperature such as the temperature of the hot water, the temperature of the HVAC output, and deficiencies in electrical equipment.
This Watt usage meter helps determine how much energy a particular appliance is using to calculate annual electrical loads and costs.
An Anemometer is used to measure air velocity and can help determine deficiencies in HVAC systems.
Purchasing A Home?

Home inspections for a home buyer is a MUST HAVE!  As a buyer you need to know that a home you are considering is safe, mechanically and structurally sound, operational and free of health risks.  Ground Up Home Inspections will cover all these aspects and more with training backed by:
  • Ahit (American Home Inspection Training)
  • InterNachi (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors)
  • BPI (Building Performance Institute)
  • Resnet (Residential Energy Saving Network)
  • 25+ Years of residential restoration experience
  • Customer services training
  • 7years in the residential/commercial infiltration and renovation inspection field

Ground Up Home Inspection also offers many additional services that will help you make the best decisions about purchasing your new home!

Seller Services:
For a seller a "Pre Sale Home Inspection" is a valuable marketing tool for identifying deficiencies that must be disclosed to potential buyers.  We will include repair recommendations that may make your home more marketable, help sell your house faster, and at the highest possible price.

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